Prepare your high school application  with your guidance counselor: Write the code for the Studio Theater Training Program (K57P) on your high school application.  

There is no pre-registration is required for Auditions. Please show up on the date and time as indicated below.

Sunday, November 3, 2019
Last Name  A-C 12:30PM
Last Name  D-F 1:30PM
Last Name  G-I   8:30AM
Last Name  J-L   9:30AM

Saturday, November 16, 2019 
Last Name  M-S  12:30PM
Last Name  T-U    8:30AM
Last Name  V-Z    9:30AM  

The Audition Consists of:
• A prepared one-minute monologue from a play that is age appropriate
• Participation in an improvisational activity
• A short writing sample done at the audition
• Review of student’s academic record


Studio Theater Program General Information


  • Students must indicate Murrow's Studio Theater program on MySchools in order to be ranked. The program code is:

    • Studio Theater - K57P

             Make sure you list the program code on your high school application.


  • If you have a conflict for either audition date, you may come on the opposite date during your original time slot. Please contact Gayle Zeitlin at with any further questions.


  • Applicant admission criteria:

    1. Audition rating 2. Academic and attendance records 


  • Arrive at your appointed time. Enter using East 17th street entrance. Pick up a rating sheet in the lobby, proceed to the cafeteria for further instructions.


  • Applicants’ Parents/Guardians can wait in the cafeteria during the audition.


  • If you are doing a theater and music audition, for instance, you can do music first, then go upstairs for the theater audition, or vice versa. If you are also auditioning for Fine Arts, you must choose whether you are going to sit for that audition in the a.m. session or the p.m. session.  Then go to the other session for the other audition program(s).


  • Prepare a one-minute memorized monologue from a published work. After your monologue, you will be asked to perform an improvisation.

Good Luck!